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Are you likely to be the next victim of a failed change initiative?  Remember, only 30% of change initiatives succeed.

Are you shying away from change? Kodak and Blackberry avoided change.  Look what happened to them.

Let's begin with asking the question: Do you need to change? And why?

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Opportunities are being missed
  • A merger or acquisition is problematic
  • Deadlines are being missed
  • Poor teamwork
  • Management gets surprises
  • Poor employee engagement
  • Employees rarely exceed expectations
  • Same issues keep reoccurring
  • Best people are leaving
  • A corporate initiative that is stuck
  • Poor performance
  • Poor custoner and / or stakeholder relations

resulting in missed growth targets, or reduced revenue, market share, profits or reputation?

Oct 24 - Focus.jpgIf so, you need to make changes that improve the performance.  


Where to start?





July 17 - LEAP.jpg

      We provide evidence-based       change leadership and performance improvement    services that result in your team or organization moving forward..


We collaborate with each client to establish a tailored approach and project plan.  We find that it is important to:

  • Pinpoint what is working well and not working well (and why not), and present the findings in a manner that facilitates and motivates making good decisions on how to achieve the desired results
  • Authentically engage managers and staff whose support is needed to implement change and improvements to achieve the desired results (Click HERE to learn more about Authentic Engagement)

While we can provide project management services during implementation, we encourage clients to lead the implementation in order to ensure ownership while we help overcome acute challenges by providing coaching, training, consulting and communications services.

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We have a proven track record in helping organizations with up to 20,000 plus people achieve significant change and IMPROVED RESULTS.



We have a proven approach (MOVING FORWARD CHECK-UP™) that is aligned with John Kotter's "ACCELERATE APPROACH" but with more emphasis on developing engagement and addressing cultural challenges.

George Neufeld PhD founded Traverse Group in 2003 to focus on change leadership, change management and performance improvement.  Prior to that, he co-founded a consulting firm togther with a former Deputy Minister, was a Senior Principal at what is now PwC, held several positions in the Canadian government (including as an executive), was a Geophysicist with Shell and did a PhD in computing science and mathematics. Click HERE to view George's resume that presents his accomplishments, experience and acknowledgements that include one from a Prime Minister.

CONTACT US to answer your questions and discuss options for addressing your needs and objectives.

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