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March 6 -- who we are - 1.jpgWe have a wide range of consulting, training and coaching experience. We provide facilitation services as an integral component of these services.

We help executives:

  • Move from being good to great
  • Initiate and implement changes to their business and organization
  • Improve performance of projects, teams, organizations (including mergers and acquisitions)March 6 -- who we are - 2.jpg

Our Moving Forward Check-Up has a proven track record for helping executives:

  • Catalyze change and improvement
  • Develop agreement on changes and improvements, and an action plan that has traction
  • Develop authentic buy-in from the persons who are needed to "make it happen"

While we have experience in managing the implementation of large-scale change projects, we believe it is more effective, in the longer term, that clients take lead responsibility for implementation.  We can and have provided guidance and assistance on an as required basis, e.g.,

  • Ensure that John Kotter's eight success factors are applied -- Kotter was a Professor at Harvard (retired) and internationally recognized expert on change leadership and management
  • Ensure that issues are resolved, quickly
  • Provide training and team building
  • Provide team and inter-team coaching 

The links below provide a sense of our capabilities and scope of experience.   

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