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March 11 - humour.jpgTraverse Group is a virtual firm that associates with the best in their respective area.  They include FranklinCovey (a global training firm), ParaComm Partners (a leader in organizational and personal transformation), VitalSmarts (a global training firm) and Suncor (to develop a case study on corporate risk and social responsibility, for presentation at a conference in Calgary).

Our client satisfaction policy is: Meet client expectations or reduce our fees accordingly.

March 7 - Photo.jpgGeorge Neufeld PhD, Founder and President of Traverse Group 

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George Neufeld grew up on a farm in a Mennonite community in southern Manitoba where simplicity, ethics, discipline and education were stressed. His interest in mathematics led to resolving a well-known, 25-year-old mathematical problem for his PhD.  His dissertation was approved by Dr. Ralph Stanton, founder of the internationally renowned Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, and published in world-class journals. 

While doing his PhD, he applied his research findings by helping university administrators design a new scheduling and registration system. This experience led to a career in management consulting, first within the Canadian government that provided consulting services throughout government, then with Coopers & Lybrand where he became a Senior Principal and then as a co-founder of a consulting firm (together with a former Deputy Minister).

In 2003, he founded his own firm, Traverse Group, to specialize in helping people, teams and organizations MOVE FORWARD to BECOME GREAT by:

  • Finding, and commiting to, a pathway for moving forward, which led to evolving a robust methodology referred to as the Moving Forward Check-Up
  • Assisting implementation through coaching and training, which led to developing a 12-day leadership development program and using it to spin-off numerous mini-workshops  

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George has published in refereed journals such as:

  • Ivy Business Journal (University of Western Ontario)
  • Risk Management Magazine (New York)
  • Research Technology Management (Industrial Research Institute, Washington DC)
  • Journal of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (International)
  • Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (International)

He held National Research Council Scholarships throughout his MSc and PhD studies. 

He is frequently invited to present at conferences on topics such as horizontal (cross-organizational) management, resolving differences of opinion, teamwork, risk management, corporate social responsibility and working with Ministers and Parliamentarians.

George has been on the Board of a several start-up companies.

George has demonstrated capability in a wide range of situations:

(a) addressing complex problems, situations and challenges, e.g., 

  • solved a very well known, 25 year old mathematical problem for his PhD
  • developed the socio-economic rationale for why Canadian Government should spend $1 billion to develop the Canadarm for the International Space Station (which was approved by Cabinet)
  • helped a start-up technology company go public and get listed on the NASDAQ exchange
  • identified weaknesses in financial controls in the accounting for employment insurance funds that had not been identified by auditors
  • wrote a think-piece (white paper) on the role of government in stewardship and biotechnology (for which he received the following comments from the head of the government-wide secretariat on biotechnology: "Let me congratulate you on your excellent paper.  It is helping to set a new and significantly higher level standard. ..... ")
  • conducted numerous major reviews, e.g., (a) reporting to the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, co-led the review of a Minister's portfolio; (b) reporting to a Cabinet Committee in a provincial government, co-led the review of four departments; (c) reporting to the Ministers of Energy for Canada and Ontario, was a member of a four-person team that conducted a review of the nuclear power development activities in Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and what is now the Ontario Power Corporation. 

(b) developing common purpose in situations where people have diverse opinions -- facilitating multi-stakeholder conversations using techniques for resolving differences of opinion, e.g.,

  • helped the Canadian government resolve a 10-year old policy issue by developing common purpose among 10 provincial governments, an industry sector and environmental groups
  • helped a Territorial Government launch Canada's diamond mining industry by developing common purpose among several international mining companies, First Nation communities, government departments (Federal and Territorial) and environmental groups
  • helped the Board of Directors, top management and research managers make tough decisions concerning a crown corporation's research portfolio (after several previous unsuccessful attempts)

(c) helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve stellar results, e.g.,

  • managed a 18-month project to merge two government agencies that each had 12,000 employees, 10 regional offices and 600 local offices – the merger was successfully completed on time and George was then asked to be the Program Analyst at Treasury Board Secretariat for the newly created Department
  • helped a regulatory organization eliminate its back-log of submissions from the pharmaceutical industry, and subsequently received numerous referrals and call-ups from "sister" organizations
  • assisted the Office of the Auditor General of Canada prepare a Chapter in its Report to Parliament on the state of government science and technology -- the Chapter was credited as catalyzing Government to announce its first S&T Strategy in over 40 years (George's client acknowledged his contribution in a letter stating "Thank you for your important and precious contribution to this undertaking of our office ...." (Assistant Auditor General))
  • developed and delivered a leadership development program which several participants credit as having advanced their career (based on promotions).

(d) developing and delivering action-learning workshops and development programs, e.g.,

  • Developed and led the delivery of a leadership development program (delivered during 9 months) that: (1) generated excellent feedback both during and long-after the participants took the program; (2) measured progress by having participants take a personal 360 feedback before and after the program; (3) involved 12 one-day workshops; (4) involved Stephen Covey's firm who led 4 of the 12 all-day workshops; (5) requested that participants undertake a "breakthrough" project of interest to their supervisor's supervisor; (6) provided upon-request coaching between the one-day workshops; and (7) requested that participants to identify and work with an independent coach / mentor to challenge the take-home from the program.
  • Used the above-mentioned leadeship development program to develop and deliver numerous 0.25 - 2 day action-learning workshops.
  • Frequently leads sessions at workshops and conferences organized by a private sector firm. 

George has been on the Board of the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

He has helped community groups achieved signficant results, e.g.,

  • Political-constituency association: Vice Chair (elected, 2 terms) and Chair of Policy Committee (elected, 8 terms) -- during which time the association's political candidate was elected twice as Member of the Ontario Legislature
  • Ottawa Chamber of Commerce: Founding Chair of the Environment Committee
  • Ottawa Mennonite Church: Chairperson (elected, 2 terms) -- during which time the congregation undertook a major capital project to double the size of its church, launched a not-for-profit, fair trade retail business that today has two retail stores in Ottawa (Ten Thousand Villages), re-launched its refugee assistance program and doubled the total annual donations received from members
  • GreenPrint (a regional environmental group): Chairperson (elected, 2 terms) -- during which time the organization hosted numerous multi-stakeholder meetings to address contentious issues
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