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We offer:

  • Surveys that we have developed
  • Surveys and software tools provided by firms with whom we associate. 

Survey #1.April 17 - 360 ORG.jpg

  • Developed and provided by Traverse Group 
  • Easy to customize the questions and reports
  • Can address different questions to different target survey participants and provides 360 Organization Feedback (see adjacent exhibit).
  • Has been used for over ten years to help clients:
    • Improve performance
    • Improve teamwork among business units
    • Turnaround organizations and ongoing projects
    • Improve customer and stakeholder relations
    • Identify risks
  • Easy to modify for other situations, e.g., Assess mergers and acquisitions
  • Is relatively inexpensive (compared with other surveys) and runs on a major survey supplier's server
  • Click HERE to see a sample summary report focused on leadership and the organization (based on 55 scale questions) -- the complete report provides much more detail and also includes responses to open text questions 


Survey #2May 27 - ORG360.jpg

  • Developed and provided by an Associate
  • Aligned with the model shown in the adjacent exhibit, thereby addressing the drivers in our model for becoming great from a different perspective
  • Can be customized by changing the standard questions as well as by adding questions
  • Available in numerous languages
  • Has a very user friendly dashboard for generating reports
  • Provides reports at three levels of service, the third including comparison with other organizations

Core business assessment tool -- comin

Survey #3May 27 - Denison.jpg

  • Developed and provided by an Associate 
  • Aligned with the model shown in the adjacent exhibit, thereby addressing the drivers in our model for becoming great from a different perspective 
  • Can be customized by adding already developed modules (e.g., engagement, trust, innovation, commitment), adding client-requested questions and modifying existing questions
  • Used by over 5000 client organizations, world-wide
  • Available in 47 languages
  • Benchmarks the survey findings with a kept-up-to-date baseline of over 900 organizations from a variety of industries, sizes and countries

Note: The associate also provides complementary surveys focused on culture, leadership, mergers & acquisitions, monitoring change, transformation & turnaround, alignment and leadership.


Core business assessment tool

May 17 - CoreValue - TR.jpgTraverse Group provides an enterprise assessment service using an associate's proprietary software tool that analyzes 18 core business drivers and quantifies the areas of under-performance. Utilizing this tool significantly reduces subjectivity from the performance improvement process and focuses management's thoughts on performance improvement and valuation gap issues.

The tool has been used successfully, for example, to:

  • Develop plans for  performance improvement and restructuring, built around consensus
  • Open discussion with potential equity investors

The adjacent exhibit illustrates an overall summary report produced by the tool.

The analysis provided by the tool:

  • Broadens the discussion to address longer-term considerations such as growth, investor interest or even sale of the company, i.e., enterprise development
  • Focuses attention on the critical areas needed to achieve corporate transformation

Click HERE to see how we help clients transform the output from surveys and software tools into an action plan that has traction.

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