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Using the Moving Forward Check-Up to turn-around an organization

Challenge: This organization was to provide a liaison between a branch in a government department and citizen groups.  It had previously been reviewed by external consultants who provided recommended strategic changes.  Three years later, top management was inclined to terminmate the organization.  Middle management saw a need for such as group and requested it be given a last chance.

Response: We were recommended to apply our Moving Forward Check-Up.  We conducted a 360 Organization Feedback survey with input from everyone in the organization, its stakeholders in the department and about 200 external stakeholders. The findings were used by management and staff in the organization to identify proposed changes that were presented to, and approved by, top management and its internal stakeholders.  We were engaged to assist in the implementation.

Outcome: The action plan was implemented -- it resulted in a new business model and a reorganization.  The organization became, and continues to be, valued by its internal and external stakeholders.

Consulting experience

  • Accountability
  • Business management
  • Business process
  • Change management
  • Culture change
  • Customer relations
  • Diagnostics and Assessment
  • Governance
  • Implementation
  • Knowledge management
  • Management development
  • Management process
  • Organization development
  • Performance management
  • Performance measurement / balanced scorecard
  • Project management improvement
  • Risk management
  • Set goals
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Teambuilding



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