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Nov 6 - acknowledgement.jpgThis page provides written feedback (much of it unsolicited)

Consulting clients

  1. George is a very knowledgeable individual who can deliver effectively on projects related to organizational improvement, strategic planning and leadership development. I have used his services several times and he has helped me, and the organizations that I was part of, to improve and to focus our delivery. I highly recommend him. Year first hired: 1998. Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity. (Senior Executive, Canadian Government)
  2. Thank you for your important and precious contribution to this undertaking of our office (Assistant Auditor General)
  3. We really can't think of anything that didn't work well and I would score this experience as a 10 out of 10 (Director at Natural Resources Canada / NRCan)
  4. I appreciate that you have absorbed our concerns without diminishing the message regarding the need for improved stakeholder relations (Director General at Health Canada)
  5. Let me congratulate you on your excellent paper. It is helping to set a new and significantly higher level standard (Director General at Industry Canada)
  6. Thank you sincerely for the wisdom and practicality that you brought to this exercise (Director general, NRCan)
  7. I want to thank you for your patience and hard work in working through a difficult subject (Director General at NRCan)
  8. Thank you for absorbing punishment from different factions, usually with good humour (President, Communications Research Centre)
  9. This is super -- I have what I need to present at the management meeting (Director at Carleton University)
  10. (In response to a request to be a reference) Absolutely – be happy to – my comments will be very positive (Director General, Health Canada)
  11. Thanks – always a pleasure working with you (Deputy Chief Health Officer, Public Health Agency)
  12. It appears that through the whole work of the Task Team, only the work of your company was fully accepted (An external advisor to the Task Team)
  13. We've recommended that you be the Program Analyst at Treasury Board Secretariat for our Department (Director General at what is now HRSDC)
  14. Thank you for your role in the delivery of a project that had become a stalled effort (Director, Nova Scotia Government)
  15. You are a truly special person. Your honesty, charm, integrity, insight, good humour and loyalty have caused me to admire you greatly (a former colleague, Coopers & Lybrand Consulting)

Executives for whose teams we provided training

  1. Thanks George -- the learning last night included understanding cultural differences and talking about them (Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Enviornment Canada)
  2. You helped us solidify some of our concepts and point out what we have to be doing at this stage of the game (Vice President, Aventis)
  3. (In response to a request to be a reference) Yes - I would love to be a reference a matter of fact I was going to ask you if I could give your name out to the National Managers Group. I spoke at their conference last week on managing difficult employees and mentioned many times the importance of this skill set. They have been asking who offers a course in this so I was going to pass your name along... (Executive Director, Candian Food Inspection Agency)

Training participants

  1. I really enjoyed our training task group session – you are excellent at reading the group and ensuring that all of us were forthcoming.
  2. This leadership programme was unlike any other program of its kind that I have been involved with in government. There was a genuine attempt by the organizer to piece together the general attributes of leadership from diverse sources. The combination of the three 2 day workshops given by a qualified trainer and the 6 day-long sessions centred around the provided reading material (6 books - one for each session) made each session interesting and different. A bonus of the program was the 'library of reference material' that will be most useful material to use in the future. The pace (one session per month over 9 months) provided adequate time for the concepts to 'sink-in' and the experiential nature of the program made it seem that much more relevant. The size of the group and the diversity of the participants (made up from different Departments) was a comfortable way to practice acquired skills and bond as a group. The organizer did an excellent job of providing interesting locations and good lunches to make the whole experience a good break from the office. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a more effective manager at any level.
  3. I feel that I have been extremely fortunate to be aparticipant in the Five Star Leadership Program provided by Traverse Group. This program has provided me with a stimulation to continue to grow in my career as a leader in the Public Service.

    The program itself has been very well put together to build on the five Attributes of a good leader. From Covey's "Seven Habits" to Collins "Good to Great", we covered the attributes of a great leader.Points from the reading material were reinforced by having participants present topics to the rest of the group, and by doing group exercises.

    Having 360 assessments done, based on the five attributes was very valuable for me. Not only were areas for improvement identified, but also areas of strength. Also, progress could be assessed by having these assessments completed at the start and finish of the program. Finally, the suggestion to find a mentor was great. I engaged one of my senior managers as a mentor who is a constant inspiration for me as well as a great sounding board. The value of a true mentor cannot be stressed too much.

    At the start of the program, we were told that if we followed the Five Star Program and applied what we were learned, we would have a promotion within 2 years. I fully believe this is true and the only limiting factor is oneself! I apply the knowledge I gained from this course on a daily basis, with much success!

Team coaching

The purpose of this note is to express my appreciation and that of our team for your in-depth support to us in the development of a formal project plan and activity structure to guide the work in the latter part of this fiscal year and beyond.

As you know, our team must meet a variety of commitments this fiscal year involving a number of partners and stakeholders. Many of these commitments in turn involve a range of activities. With your able facilitation and guidance, our team has been able to develop an evergreen, dynamic plan that represents an invaluable tool in tracking, prioritizing, and assessing our work.

At a more general level, because your ongoing counsel throughout this process, our team has been able to achieve an improved level of performance in terms of meeting its objectives as well as fuller and more timely reporting to senior management on progress against plan.

In conclusion, you've helped us achieve better results and greater teamwork. For this, our heartfelt thanks.

- Project Manager, NRCan

Community involvement

  1. Thank you so much for your most valuable help – your balanced and thoughtful counsel was always well received and often led to successful resolution of difficult situations (a Member of Ontario Legislature).
  2. I just want you to know how much I appreciated your presence and leadership. You have given years of leadership but three examples stand out in my mind: The expert way that you facilitated the large group meeting after the visioning process; clarifying the issues at business meetings when we were spinning our wheels; and your creative approach in highlighting the need for volunteers. (a Church member)
  3. Your positive contributions are not forgotten (a participant at the 20th anniversary of a refugee assistance program)
  4. Thank you so much for your wonderful participation and leadership at our Teens Connection last week (Principal of a secondary school)
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